Fast compute for AI.
10x-1000x faster training.

"Deep learning engineers are probably the most precious resource on this planet,

Strong Compute has enabled our engineers to be 10x more productive."

We're building the
Future of Cloud.

Purpose built for AI that shapes the world.

10x-1000x faster.
Zero config for end users.
Zero bill shock.

Fast. Clean. Strong.

Specializing Computer Vision.

We load 100GB in 10 seconds.

We train 100GB as fast as 0.2 seconds per epoch.

10x your dev cycles.  Think in training runs per hour.

Stay in flow.

Faster time to the F1 you need.

Nikhil Abraham - Angel Investor
Previously CFO Udacity
Strong Compute is solving the basketball court problem.

Long training times had our best devs shooting hoops all day, waiting on machines.

With a few lines of integration, our customers are getting
10x-1000x faster training.

Miles Penn
CEO of MTailor

“from 30 hours to 5 minutes

Strong Compute took our core algorithm training from 30 hours to 5 minutes, training hundreds of terabytes of data.

Deep learning engineers are probably the most precious resource on this planet, and Strong Compute has enabled ours to be 10x more productive.

Iteration and experimentation time is the most important lever for ML productivity, and we were lost without Strong Compute.

- Miles Penn, CEO of MTailor
Soren Harner
Founder, CTO of LayerJot

“turns a 60 hour training run into a few hours

At LayerJot, I’ve been training computer vision models for years, focusing on state of the art object detectors.

Strong Compute have taken pre-optimized reference libraries and sped them up 20x. This turns a 60 hour training run into a few hours.

Our highest value engineers are working on deep learning, and this makes them vastly more productive.

I've been a VP of Engineering at five companies, including Atlassian and Mulesoft, where I was responsible for large engineering teams. The potential to speed up developer workflows here is enormous, so much so that in addition to being a customer, I've now invested as well.

The future of the cloud needs to be about speed, ease of use and clear billing. Strong Compute is building this and I'm glad to be a customer and a backer.

- Soren Harner, CTO of LayerJot
Soren Harner
Founder, CTO of LayerJot