Drag race neural networks with us.

Our vision.

Empower the creators of AI to build a future of greater freedom, opportunity and human connection.

Our mission.

Deliver the world’s global super computer. All the GPUs in one place.

Core values that define us.

Take pride in responsibility.
To customers: Be the solution. Know who you’re building for. Be the person that understands other people’s problems so you can solve them.

To fellow team members: If you see something, say something. People are counting on you. Raise ideas. Solicit feedback. Be ready to own a new area when it’s aligned.

To humanity: Personal commitment to a massive vision. Ethics are not optional.
Accelerate with intent.
Get things done: Progress faster than anyone else. Move fast and make things.

Be effective: Cut. Don’t let the good be the enemy of the great.

Do so with meaning: Make things that matter. Your heart and soul are reflected in what you do.
Achieve the outrageous.
For customers: Deliver customers something they never thought possible. That’s better than what they imaged a solution could be.

For team: Push your team mates forward, past where they thought their capability finished.

For self: Do the best work of your life. Create the most impactful experience of your career.