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Sydney, Remote
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AI - GPU Engineer (CUDA specialist)

You live for performance, optimized at the lowest level. You know AI will transform every aspect of the world and want to be at the center of that change.

This role is for engineers who want to shape AI in the most productive way for every developer. You’ll be rebuilding PyTorch, CUDA and more–deeply integrated with hardware with only one goal: extreme speed.

This is a role for a CUDA specialist with two+ years background in CUDA for either graphics or deep learning.

  • Develop, optimise and test software to perform and accelerate deep learning
  • Knowledge of deep learning concepts preferred
  • Familiarity with a deep learning framework such as PyTorch or TensorFlow preferred
  • Familiarity with unix and networking stacks preferred
  • Compiler experience would be exciting

Our Style:

Feel the win.
  • All metrics tracked in real time

Crystal clear objectives.
  • One line goal per role
  • Zero micromanagement

Lifts, not Sprints.
  • Two week cycles to upgrade the customer experience, not thrash.

Long Range R&D team.
  • Math and real science at our core

Committed to upgrading your capability.
  • Consult with our on staff and contracted scientists to enhance your understanding of math, neural nets and chip architecture.

Fully valued.
  • Well structured options packages designed to maximize your participation in our success.

Our team is concentrated around the Australian timezone with limited exceptions.

Sydney, Remote
August 3, 2022
Let's build the future of cloud together.
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