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Sydney, Remote
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Cloud Management - Elixir Technical lead

You’re here to marshall the compute resources of the planet for one goal: AI acceleration.

AI training can take days, weeks, or even months. By combining the power of every accessible high performance computer, that time can be brought down dramatically.

Your team’s goal is to integrate each cloud vendor with high performance resources and make them accessible in real time as new workloads spin up.

Most critically, you will be in charge of tooling that can direct work for $500M+ of compute and growing. You will need to ensure it is managed efficiently, securely and with strong cost controls in place.

Sydney, full time, onsite 3weeks/month

What we’d like you to bring to the team:

  • Silicon Valley attitude - merit-based wins and high commitment work style.
  • Experience managing 5+ developers for more than a year.
  • At least 5 years of functional development experience.
  • At least 3 years experience with Elixir and Phoenix.
  • Solid understanding of Linux, Cloud and Networking technology.
  • Solid Cloud Ops experience on any cloud - bring some war stories of building and maintaining infra to your interview.

Our Style:

Feel the win.
  • All metrics tracked in real time

Crystal clear objectives.
  • One line goal per role
  • Zero micromanagement

Long Range R&D team.
  • Math and real science at our core

Committed to upgrading your capability.
  • Consult with our on staff and contracted scientists to enhance your understanding of math, neural nets and chip architecture.

Fully valued.
  • Well structured options packages designed to maximize your participation in our success.

Our team is concentrated around the Australian timezone with limited exceptions.

Sydney, Remote
May 1, 2023
Let's build the future of cloud together.
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