Easy and Blazing fast procurement, command and control for AI compute.

Think air traffic control for AI compute. k8s ain’t it.

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“What started out with just three pages showing what can be built with . was the springboard to redoing the entire website.”

Brian Lewis, Head of Development

Enterprise CIOs

Global visibility of multi-cloud compute.

Real-time spending breakdown and attribution.

No code job, cluster and workstation migration:
- Increase negotiation power with compute vendors.
- Maximise GPU utilization.

Scale AI assets in minutes to meet resource needs.

Team Leads

Multi-node training, without the ops.

No budget hurdles for cluster access.

Keep budgets fixed for GPUs by the year, clusters by the minute.

Fastest way to start distributed training:
- Test workloads in seconds.
- Run workloads in minutes.

Inference as a Service

Unlimited models per GPU with extremely fast cold start.

Our global docker container registry cold start times:
- 200GB: 15s.
- 70GB: 9s.
- 30GB: 6s.
(and getting faster).

Spawn new inference nodes in minutes, across regions, with high (Tbps) data throughput.

New Cloud Vendors

Hyperscaler features that AI customers want, without the build effort:
- Spot and On Demand tooling.
- Data streaming.

Sell idle resources in reserved clusters.

Migrate tenancies between clusters and regions.
Early Access

Strong Compute's infrastructure includes:


Real time GPU cost consumption. (6 major cloud vendors with more on the way)
In build: Real time GPU performance metrics.
Control and Procurement
Switch cluster scale workloads in 10 seconds.
Spawn new clusters in 10 minutes. (2 clouds)
Bring your own GPUs.
Access Strong Compute’s GPU allocation (thousands available).
In build: Migrate workstation, training and inference workloads between regions or vendors in minutes, globally GUI only (code optional).
High Speed Tooling
Extremely Fast Container Load from cheap off node storage.
For inference: Load docker based inference model to GPUs.
In build: Intregration, 70GB container starts in 10 seconds.
For training: Container based multi node training jobs.
Dataset movement: Up to 30GB/second from foreign provider to cluster. Built, more speed on the way. Low egress charges.

SOC2, HIPAA, ISO27001, GDPR certifications underway.
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