Strong Compute.

Fast Compute for AI

"Strong Compute took our core algorithm training from 30 hours to 5 minutes, training hundreds of terabytes of data. Deep learning engineers are probably the most precious resource on this planet, and Strong Compute has enabled ours to be 10x more productive."

"Strong Compute is aimed at a serious incentive misalignment in cloud computing, where faster results that are valued by clients are less profitable for providers." - Michael Seibel, Y Combinator

Speed up your full stack

Storage | Base Hardware | OS | Data Pipeline | Augmentation | GPU | Model | Distribution

Minimal Integration Work

Hundreds of low level optimizations. Simple API to use.

Same Data, Model, Epochs, Results

We don't cut corners. Our engine preserves your precision and make better use of hardware.

Less than 1 day to learn

We have one feature: speed.

This is not a typical ML tool with 3-12 months to productivity and an ever growing feature list.

Specializing in Pytorch for Computer Vision

  • Load: as little as 10 seconds per 100GB.

  • Train: 100GB as fast as 0.2 seconds per epoch

photography by Lenny K

Priced on speed to answer, not compute time used.

Pay for value not consumption.

Stay in flow.

No more idle research, maintenance or parallel experiments while you wait for results.

  • No context switching = much greater job satisfaction for your highest paid devs.

  • Faster time to the F1 you need.

10x your dev cycles

Think in cycles per hour


Ben Sand

Team Stats:
$50M of real time AI hardware
Architected highest performance networking in industry.
100s of Neural Networks Developed

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Outpace the market.

Fitter. Faster. Stronger.